Vinnie and his crew are back again, serving as respected and feared assassins in Sift Heads World Act 8.

Meet Kiro and Shorty, Vinnie's best friends and assassins who has both followed him throughout the whole series.

Sift Heads World Act 8

In the eight episode of the series you will have plenty of new challenges and quests to take on, and you will once more be able to play different types of assassins. While Shorty enjoys and masters long range sniper guns, the guys, Vinnie and Kiro are more into machine guns and close range murders. If you enjoy a mix of point-and-click game play and first person shooting, then Sift Heads World Act 8 has the perfect combination for you. At some points you have to switch from point-and-click to first person shooting as quickly as possible to prevent dying.

If you've played any of the other episodes in the series you will immediately recognize the stickmen inspired graphics as well as the cartoon-like backgrounds and weapons art. While the weapons of Sift Heads World Act 8 look quite realistic, the humoristic twist between reality and stickmen graphics makes the game both fun, enjoyable and at some points hectic and stressful. If you're keen on continue playing later, or play any of the other episodes in the series you should consider registering a free account that will save both your progress and gaming history! You can use the same account in all of the episodes, and you can easily track your gaming time and progress through it.